Blue Paradise Dairy
           Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats
                      Goat Milk Soap

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Blue Paradise Dairy
Riasing Purebred Nubian Dairy goats


Welcome to Blue Paradise Dairy


I thought I'd add share a little history to my soap making - My first domain was Everyday Goat Milk Soap .com - And for one reason or another, life gets busy. Added fencing to farm and stock..Milk sales also, changed the name of Dairy to reflect my stock history. My soap making has never stopped, kept evolving to a better recipe that I am now confident to offer for sale on a full time basis.  


                                                             Visit my Soap Page!

                                                              What you put ON your skin is as important as IN your skin.

Girls continue to impress! 8/2019 ELITE LIST - Lady of Honor and Stormy's Ebony, added to the herd of other Elite girls, Paris and Waffle. And we can't forget the boys! Veteran's Blue and Magi Maxim   8/19 ELITE Sires  (12/2018) ELITE LIST - 

SG 15*M Veteran's Comet's Legacy made Top Ten list 2018 lactation.  # 7 in MILK and #10 in protein

A few 2019 Kids