Blue Paradise Dairy
          Raising purebreed Nubian Dairy goats

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Blue Paradise Dairy
Riasing Purebred Nubian Dairy goats


Welcome to Blue Paradise Dairy

Girls continue to impress! 8/2019 ELITE LIST - Lady of Honor and Stormy's Ebony, added to the herd of other Elite girls, Paris and Waffle. And we can't forget the boys! Veteran's Blue and Magi Maxim   8/19 ELITE Sires  (12/2018) ELITE LIST - 

SG 15*M Veteran's Comet's Legacy made Top Ten list 2018 lactation.  # 7 in MILK and #10 in protein. 

Our Nubian Goats - 

 The goats I own have a long history of ancestors who produce large quantities of high quality milk. 

I am breeding for strong, long legged, goats, that are sure footed for our rocky terian, yet graceful enough to be the picture perfect Nubian.

 I am on official test through ADGA and a DHIA lab. 

 We don't show our goats, they live out in the woods and pastures with            abundant peace and quiet.




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