Blue Paradise Dairy
          Raising purebreed Nubian Dairy goats

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Blue Paradise Dairy
Riasing Purebred Nubian Dairy goats


Welcome to Blue Paradise Dairy

Nubian Dairy Goats - 


 I am super excited to have solid foundation genetics from Windsong Farm Nubians and Six M Galaxy stock, Veteran Ranch Nubians, plus others. The goats I own have a long history of ancestors who produce large quantities of high quality milk. 

I am also breeding for tall, strong, long legged, goats, that are sure footed for our rocky terian, yet graceful enough to be the picture perfect Nubian.

 I am on official test through WA-DHIA/ADGA.

  We don't show our goats, they live out in the woods and pastures with                                                                                                                                                                         abundant peace and quiet.

                     We test for Alpha S1 Casein and are thrilled to learn that our gals and guys excel in this. This means that not only is there a higher cheese yield with their milk but, according to the Journal of Dairy Science, June 2007: “. . . greater protein and casein content would increase the energy content of milk, thus resulting in more favorable growth and survival of young goats and humans consuming the milk.


All Goats are G6S Normal.  We are CAE and CL Free closed herd. 



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