Blue Paradise Dairy
           Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats
                      Goat Milk Soap

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Blue Paradise Dairy
Riasing Purebred Nubian Dairy goats



  $8 per Gallon or $4 per half

We will fill any 1/2 GAL or 1 GAL container(s) or Provide a 1/2 GAL glass jar with a deposit. 

All hay is bought with in a 50 mile radius so everything the goats eat is LOCAL, ensuring best allergy control and health bennfits! 

Goat milk is naturally homgenzined - means the high butterfat content is mixed in. Goat milk is easily digestedable. If you are lactose intolerant goat milk is your answer!  Our Nubians are bred to have a high Alpha s1 Casein protein level.   What this means to you is high protein, fat and vitamin/mineral content is readily available = A whole food.  


My goat kids gain between 1/2 lb and a pound per day on just milk. Raw milk is a living substance.  Goat milk is great for babies, puppies, hogs, calves, birds any animal can benifit from  raw goat milk.  Goat Milk replaces Mothers Milk. 

Please contact me with questions! 

Our Farm in on official DHIA Test (ADGA/USDA)  and is a clean herd, testing is all through SAGE AG LABS and WADHIA.

AR Legal label - 

“This product, sold for personal use and not for resale, is fresh whole milk that has NOT been pasteurized. Neither this farm not the milk sold by this farm has been inspected by the State of Arkansas, The consumer assumes all liability for health issue that may result from the consumption of this product.” A farmer who sells fresh whole unpasteurized milk shall permit inspection of his or her cows (goats) and barns by his or her customers upon request."