Blue Paradise Dairy
          Raising purebreed Nubian Dairy goats

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Blue Paradise Dairy
Riasing Purebred Nubian Dairy goats


Sara's Soap Shop - Specializing in custom orders.  100% Goat Milk Soap


ALL products are 100% Natural! 

I use the best ingredients out there. Shea butter, coconut, cocoa butter, almond and Olive oils. 

NO Atrificial colors are used in my Soaps. I use clays and herbs. All bars/soaps are $5.00 Bee Balm is $2.50 

I accept paypal,C.C, Venmo, and paper checks. Shipping is USPS Flat rate boxes.  Contact me for a quote! 

Body Butter Bars! Available in Honey, Lavendar and others. Just ask! 

Inside of Butter Bar tins! A 2 oz solid bar, that glides on smooth.